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Bongo Bongo


Shadow Temple

Weak Point

Hands and Eye


Heart Container, Shadow Medallion


Years before the beginning of the game, Bongo Bongo had been sealed into the Well of Three Features in Kakariko Village by Impa. Eventually, the seal weakened and when Link was an adult, Bongo Bongo was released. It burned a good amount of Kakariko and managed to knock out both Sheik and Link. Link entered the Shadow Temple to defeat Bongo Bongo and succeeded.


Bongo Bongo's main body is invisible. First, shoot the hands with your arrows to cause them to turn blue. When both have been hit, turn on the Lens of Truth and fire an arrow at Bongo Bongo's eye to knock it down and open it up for attack. Bongo Bongo will attack by pounding you with his hands. As long as you are fast with the bow, the fists won't be able to hit you at all. Hitting the drum creates an unsteady platform and will mess up the aiming of the bow. Occasionally it will push Link off the drum and into some poison that will slowly sap his health. This can be avoided by using the Hover Boots.

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