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Ganon's Castle

Weak Point

Body (Light Arrows and reflected magic)




Ganondorf first appears in Link's dream at the beginning of the game where he strikes Link down with a bolt of magic. He is later mentioned by the Deku Tree as the one who put the Death Curse on him. Ganondorf is the Gerudo king. The one man born in the Gerudo tribe every 100 years. He visited the Kokiri Forest, Goron City, and Zora's Domain to claim the Spiritual Stones but was refused by each and cast the Death Curse on the Deku Tree, revived the Dodongo's in Dodongo's Cavern to make the Gorons starve, and made the Zora's guardian god , Lord Jabu-Jabu sick. He also tried to earn the trust of the King of Hyrule and succeeded, though Zelda saw through this. Link and Ganondorf met for the first time as Zelda escaped Hyrule Castle. The scene was an echo of Link's nightmare from before. When Link opened the door to the Sacred Realm, Ganondorf entered as well and claimed the Triforce of Power. Seven years later, Ganondorf had taken over Hyrule Castle and the Castle Town. He also filled the forest with monsters, revived the dragon Volvagia, and froze Zora's Domain over. At the end of his journey, Link fought Ganondorf in his castle and defeated him. He then became Ganon and was defeated as well. In the end, the Sages sealed Ganondorf within the Sacred Realm.


Begin by using the sword to reflect his magic back at him as in the Phantom Ganon battle. Once he is hit, use your Light Arrows to knock him down, then run across the gap and attack him directly. Always stand on a corner segment as Ganondorf cannot knock down those platforms like the other ones. When he begins to charge up, fire a Light Arrow to immediately knock him down. Skilled players may use the spin attack to reflect the multiple magical attacks. If you run out of magic or health, jump down to the room below to pick up some items.

Note: The bottle can be used to reflect Ganondorf's magic as well as the sword.

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