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Snowhead Temple

Weak Point

Fire Arrows, Goron Charged Roll


Heart Container, Goht's Remains


Goht appears as a large mechanical goat wearing a human-like mask with horns.



There are two strategies for fighting Goht.

Link Strategy:

The Link strategy involves standing in the entrance way and firing Fire Arrows at Goht as it runs by. This is by far the easiest and safest strategy, however it also takes the longest. If you run out of magic, nearby jars can be broken to replenish it.

Goron Strategy:

The Goron strategy is the fastest way to beat Goht. First, build up speed with the Goron Roll until the spikes appear and begin chasing Goht. Try not to hit any walls and slam into Goht's legs to cause damage. As you damage Goht, it will begin to toss rocks behind itself to knock you back, then it will drop stalagtites to block your path, and lastly it will begin throwing bombs behind itself. It also has a lightning blast attack that it will do if you fall behind and approach it or try cutting it off in the other direction.
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