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King Dodongo


Dodongo's Cavern

Weak Point

Mouth (using Bombs)


Heart Container, Goron Ruby


King Dodongo is the second boss of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. King Dodongo had been revived by Ganondorf as a threat towards the Gorons. Due to the presence of the Dodongos, the Gorons couldn't eat the rocks from Dodongo's Cavern and would starve. When Link arrived, he defeated the King Dodongo and granted the Gorons access to the cavern again.


The battle takes place in a large room with a large lava lake in the middle and bomb flowers in the corner. When King Dodongo rolls, press against the wall to avoid it completely. When it begins to inhale, throw a bomb or bomb flower into it's mouth to stun it and open it up for attacks. After a few hits, it will roll into the lava and die.

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