File:Air Man Mega Man Wily Wars Sprite 1 Right.PNGFile:Airman Megaman 2 Sprite Standing Right.PNGFile:Articuno Pokemon Fire Red Sprite Front.PNG
File:Articuno Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Sprite Portrait.PNGFile:Articuno Pokemon Trozei Sprite 1.PNGFile:Asteron Sonic 2 Sprite.PNG
File:Axel Sprite Standing Facing Right With Weapons.PNGFile:Balfrog Cave Story Sprite 1 Right.pngFile:Ballos Cave Story Sprite 1 Right.png
File:Balrog Cave Story Plus Sprite 1 Right.PNGFile:Balrog Cave Story Sprite 1 Right.PNGFile:Balrog Portrait Cave Story Plus Sprite 2.PNG
File:Balrog Portrait Cave Story Sprite 1.PNGFile:Big Arm Sonic 3 Sprite Right.PNGFile:Big Boo 1.jpg
File:Big Boo SMW2 GBA Sprite 1 Right.PNGFile:Big Boo SMW2 GBA Sprite 2 Right.PNGFile:Big Boo SMW SNES Sprite Shy Left.PNG
File:Big Boo SMW SNES Sprite Shy Right.PNGFile:Bombs for Throwing at YouFile:Bowser.jpg
File:Bowser NSMB2.jpgFile:Bowser SM64.jpgFile:Bowser SMB.jpg
File:Bowser SMB3 NES Sprite Ground Pound.PNGFile:Bowser SMB3 SNES Sprite Ground Pound.PNGFile:Bowser SMW.jpg
File:Bubbles Sonic 3 Sprite Spikes Right.PNGFile:Bulbasaur Pokemon Diamond Sprite Front 1.PNGFile:Bulbasaur Pokemon Diamond Sprite Front 2.PNG
File:Bulbasaur Pokemon Fire Red Sprite Front.PNGFile:Bulbasaur Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Sprite Portrait.PNGFile:Bulbasaur Pokemon Red Sprite Front Colour.PNG
File:Bulbasaur Pokemon Ruby Sprite Front.PNGFile:Bullet Bill SMB1 NES Sprite Right.PNGFile:Bullet Bill SMB3 NES Sprite Right.PNG
File:Bullet Bill SMW SNES Sprite Right.PNGFile:Buzz Bomber Sonic 1 Sprite Shooting Right.PNGFile:Cacodemon Doom Sprite 1.png
File:Character.jpgFile:Chikorita Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Sprite Portrait.PNGFile:Coke Snail Animated Gif.gif
File:Crash Man Mega Man 2 Sprite 1 Right.PNGFile:Death Egg Robot StH2.jpgFile:Death Egg Robot StH4 EPI.jpg
File:Doc Robot Megaman 3 Sprite Standing Right.PNGFile:Dr Wily Megaman 7 Sprite Wily Capsule 2 Right.PNGFile:Dracula Castlevania II Sprite 2.PNG
File:Dracula Super Castlevania IV Sprite 1 Right.PNGFile:Dracula Wai Wai World Sprite 1 Right.PNGFile:Eggman Eggmobile with Spike Sprite Right.PNG
File:Eskimo Koopa SMWW Sprite Standing Right.PNGFile:Espeon Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Sprite Portrait.PNGFile:Example.jpg
File:Feature.pngFile:Fire Flower SMB3 NES Sprite.PNGFile:Fire Flower SMB3 SNES Sprite.PNG
File:Fire Flower SMW SNES Sprite.PNGFile:Fireman Megaman 1 Sprite Standing Fire Right.PNGFile:Forum new.gif
File:Ganon (Ocarina of Time).pngFile:Garland.pngFile:Garland psp.gif
File:Gideon walk-1-.gifFile:Goomba SMB1 NES Sprite 1.PNGFile:Goomba SMB1 SNES Sprite 1.PNG
File:Goomba SMB3 SNES Sprite 2.PNGFile:Grimer Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Sprite Portrait.PNGFile:Heavy Press Cave Story Sprite 1.PNG
File:Iceman Megaman 1 Sprite Standing Right.PNGFile:Igor Cave Story Halloween Sprite 1 Right.PNGFile:Igor Cave Story Sprite 1 Right.PNG
File:Igor Portrait Cave Story Plus Sprite.PNGFile:Igor Portrait Cave Story Sprite.PNGFile:Item.jpg
File:Judge Doom WFRR.jpgFile:King Dedede KSSU Sprite Stand Hammer Left.PNGFile:Koopa Troopa SMB3 SNES Sprite Standing Right Green.PNG
File:Koopa Troopa SMB3 SNES Sprite Standing Right Red.PNGFile:Location.jpgFile:Lugia Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Sprite Portrait.PNG
File:Masked Dedede Sprite Stand Hammer Right.PNGFile:Masked Dedede Sprite Stand Right.PNGFile:Master Hand Sprite.PNG
File:Mecha Dragon Wonder Boy III Sprite 1 Right.PNGFile:Mecha Sonic Eggmobile Sprite Jet Right.PNGFile:Mecha Sonic Sprite Standing Right.PNG
File:Metal Sonic Sonic CD Sprite Flying 1 Right.PNGFile:Metal Sonic Sonic CD Sprite Idle 1.PNGFile:Metal Sonic Sonic CD Sprite Turbo Right.PNG
File:Metal Sonic Sonic Triple Trouble Sprite Turbo No Energy Right.PNGFile:Metall Megaman 1 Sprite Right.PNGFile:Metall Megaman 2 Sprite Walking 1 Right.PNG
File:Metalman Megaman 2 Sprite Standing Right.PNGFile:Mewtwo Pokemon Fire Red Sprite Front.PNGFile:Mewtwo Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Sprite Portrait.PNG
File:Mike Tyson Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! Sprite 1.PNGFile:Missingno Pokemon Red Sprite Front Colour.PNGFile:Motobug Sprite 1 Right.PNG
File:Muk Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Sprite Portrait.PNGFile:Ocarina Of Time - Final Boss - GanonFile:Onix Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Sprite Portrait.PNG
File:Onslaught Marvel vs Capcom Sprite Idle 1 Right.PNGFile:Persian Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Sprite Portrait.PNGFile:Placeholder item.png
File:Placeholder location.pngFile:Placeholder other.pngFile:Placeholder person.png
File:Portal 2 - Bombs for Throwing at You.oggFile:Porygon Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Sprite Portrait.PNGFile:Puu Black Cave Story Halloween Sprite 1 Right.PNG
File:Puu Black Cave Story Plus Sprite 1 Right.PNGFile:Puu Black Cave Story Sprite 1 Right.pngFile:Quest.gif
File:Quick Man Mega Man 2 Sprite Right.PNGFile:Raichu Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Sprite Portrait.PNGFile:Raichu Pokemon Ruby Sprite Front.PNG
File:Rayquaza Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Sprite Portrait.PNGFile:Rayquaza Pokemon Ruby Sprite Front.PNGFile:Roman Koopa SMWW Sprite Standing Right.PNG
File:Shadowman Megaman 3 Sprite Standing Right.PNGFile:Slime Dragon Quest Sprite.PNGFile:Sniper Joe Megaman 1 Sprite Standing Right.PNG
File:Solgryn IWBTB.jpgFile:Super Mecha Sonic Sprite Standing Right.PNGFile:TerraXehanort.png
File:The Guy I Wanna Be The Guy Sprite Standing 2 Right.PNGFile:Thwomp SMB3 SNES Sprite.PNGFile:Thwomp SMK Sprite.PNG
File:Thwomp SMW SNES Sprite Normal.PNGFile:TitleTemplate.pngFile:Vampire Koopa SMWW Sprite Walking Right.PNG
File:Vanitas Remnant Action Render BBS.pngFile:Venusaur Pokemon Fire Red Sprite Front.PNGFile:Venusaur Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Sprite Portrait.PNG
File:Wheelie KSSU Sprite Standing Right.PNGFile:Wiki.pngFile:WikiaGaming.png
File:Wikis in Plain EnglishFile:Zapdos Pokemon Fire Red Sprite Front.PNGFile:Zapdos Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Sprite Portrait.PNG
File:Zoomer Metroid Sprite 1.PNG
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