Woodfall Temple

Weak Point



Heart Container, Odolwa's Remains


Odolwa is a giant man that towers over Link. He wears a painted wooden mask and a loincloth. He wields a diamond-shaped shield and scimitar-esque sword and has tribal paint markings all over his body. Throughout the battle, Odolwa chants strange tribal songs.


Odolwa was the source of the poison that had corrupted the swamp from Woodfall. He kept the giant of the swamp imprisoned as well as the Deku Princess. When Link defeated him, the waters of the swamp were instantly purified and he was able to rescue the Deku Princess.


Odolwa's only weak points are his legs. He can be stunned by firing an arrow at him so you can get close and slash his legs. The Bunny Hood is useful in this battle. Odolwa's attacks using his sword and chants. His spinning attack can be easily blocked with your shield. Each chant is different, listen to them and remember what they will bring. His chants will create fire walls, summon Tiger Moths, or summon strange Beetle creatures.

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