Phantom Ganon


Forest Temple

Weak Point

Arrows (when using horse), Reflected Magic (When flying)


Heart Container, Forest Medallion


Phantom Ganon appeared behind Link when he entered the gallery in the Forest Temple. It originally wore Ganondorf's face, however it took it off revealing a skull face. He battled Link on and off his horse and lost. Upon losing the real Ganondorf's voice is heard. He created a portal of darkness and banished Phantom Ganon there.


In the first phase of the fight, Phantom Ganon is on his horse and jumps across the field from picture to picture, throwing bolts of lightning as he does. The triforce marks on the side seem to be safe place from this attack though. Use your bow (or if you run out of arrows, your hookshot) to shoot Phantom Ganon as he appears through a portrait. Eventually he will start making fakes that will turn back as they run towards the picture. After his horse leaves him, target him and time your sword swings so that his magic returns to him and knocks him down for you to attack directly. A few rounds of this will defeat Phantom Ganon.

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