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Queen Gohma


Great Deku Tree

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Heart Container, Kokiri Emerald


Gohma is the first boss in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Gohma was implanted in the Deku Tree by Ganondorf as a "death curse" that would slowly kill the Deku Tree. The Tree asked Link to enter itself and destroy the monster causing the curse. Link did this, however the Deku Tree revealed that he was doomed before Link even began.


As the battle begins Gohma will approach for an attack. Fire a deku nut from the slingshot into her eye as it turns red. While she is stunned, attack her eye. Afterwards, she will take to the ceiling and start to lay eggs. The eggs will hatch into Gohma Larvae if left alone, so take care of them and fire at Gohma's eye when it turns red. She will fall and you'll be able to attack her eye again. After very few hits, Gohma will fall.

Note that Gohma can be defeated within a few seconds by using the Jump Slash Stab glitch.

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