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Spirit Temple

Weak Point

Fire and Ice Magic (Reflected)


Heart Container, Spirit Medallion


Twinrova, composed of Koume and Kotake, acted as Ganondorf's surrogate mothers. They are witches who use fire and ice magic. In the past, when Link completed half of the Spirit Temple he witnessed them pulling Nabooru into the sand. Seven years later, he fought their Ultimate Iron Knuckle (who turned out to be Nabooru under a spell) and then fought them themselves.


This battle is separated into two phases. In the first phase Koume and Kotake will fly around the arena and take turns shooting fire and ice at Link. You must use the Mirror Shield to reflect the fire magic at Kotake and the ice magic at Koume. After hitting either one a few times, the second phase begins. In this phase, they have combined into Twinrova. They will still fire balls of fire and ice at you. Use the mirror shield to contain three of the same element and blast it at Twinrova to knock them down and open them up for attack.

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