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Fire Temple

Weak Point

Arrows (when flying), Megaton Hammer (When exposed)


Heart Container, Fire Medallion


Volvagia is one of the only bosses in Ocarina of Time to have any real backstory. Many years ago, Volvagia roamed free and devoured the Gorons. This continued until it was defeated by a Goron hero who wielded the Megaton Hammer. During the time of Ocarina of Time, Volvagia has been revived by Ganondorf and has captured Gorons to eat again. Darunia entered the Fire Temple to defeat the dragon, but he failed and Link used the Megaton Hammer to defeat it in his place. After defeating Volvagia, the path to the peak of the mountain becomes clear of falling volcanic rocks.


Volvagia has three main attacks. The first of which is flying around and breathing fire. Avoid the fire. It will deal about 4 full hearts of damage. You can fire arrows at Volvagia's head to damage it a bit. During the second attack, Volvagia will fly out of view and drop rocks on your current location. Avoid them by running away from the shadows. The third attack is when you will have the best chance to attack. Volvagia will dive into the ground and appear from the hole with fire around it. Approach the hole, wait for it to appear and hit it on the head with the Megaton Hammer. Afterwards you can hit it again with the hammer or the Master Sword while it's stunned.

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