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World 1-3 is the third level of World 1 in Super Mario Bros. It involves maneuvering on large trees.


Layout Edit

After a small ground area, the player will reach a giant tree that can be used to reach two more trees, containing a Koopa Troopa and three Coins. Ahead, are three more trees, with the higher one having two Goombas walk along it. From the top of the third and taller tree, a shorter tree can be reached, and there will be a platform that can help the player reach the top of a tall tree with four coins. Under this tree, a shorter one contains the only ? Block of the level that contains a power-up. Afterward are a two trees followed by a Koopa Paratroopa and another tree with a Goomba. Next are two horizontally moving platforms with Coins above them. There will then be two trees, the first one is small and of medium width, while the other is wide and tall and has a Koopa Troopa on it. A short tree with three coins is under a Koopa Paratroopa after it. There will be two similar trees that can be used to reach a platform that can be used to jump onto the stone platform before the Goal Pole.

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